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Congress Leader BK Hariprasad’s Subtle Critique Hones In On Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah


In a significant development within the senior ranks of the Congress party, B.K. Hariprasad delivered a thought-provoking speech on Saturday that left no doubt about his reservations concerning the leadership choices made within the party. While Hariprasad refrained from explicitly naming any individuals, his pointed remarks appeared to be a veiled critique of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s leadership decisions.


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He didn’t mince words in expressing his dissatisfaction with the appointments to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister positions, shedding light on the notable exclusion of prominent Dalit leader G. Parameshwara and ST leader Satish Jarkiholi. In this article, we delve into the nuances of Hariprasad’s speech and the implications it may have on the political landscape.

Hariprasad, who is an MLC and has been unhappy about not getting a spot in the Karnataka cabinet, made these comments when he was speaking to a group of people who share similar interests and backgrounds. This group included Ediga, Billava, Namdhari, and Deevara communities. Even though Hariprasad didn’t mention Siddaramaiah’s name directly, Siddaramaiah, speaking in Dharwad, asked if his name was brought up and said he wouldn’t respond to vague statements.


Source: The Hindu

Hariprasad didn’t stop there; he also made some teasing remarks about party leaders who talk a lot about the legacy of former Chief Minister Devaraj Urs. He pointed out that simply being linked to his car doesn’t automatically make someone like Devaraj Urs. Hariprasad emphasized that it’s crucial to actually put into practice the principles and beliefs that Devaraj Urs stood for.

Hariprasad went on to talk about the contributions of community leaders like Janardhana Poojary, S. Bangarappa, and Kagodu Thimmappa. He strongly stated that real champions of social change don’t need fancy things and hinted that some people who wear expensive watches and traditional clothes shouldn’t claim to be genuine socialists.


Source: The Hindu

Hariprasad also talked about a critical issue – representation. He wasn’t happy with the Congress party because they hadn’t chosen people from Dalit, minority, or backward communities for important positions, even though these groups played a big part in getting the party elected in Karnataka. Hariprasad made it clear that he’s committed to working for the most disadvantaged communities, even if he doesn’t get a ministerial or chief ministerial role in the current government.

This isn’t the first time Hariprasad has spoken out against Siddaramaiah. In the past, his comments about who should get ministerial and chief ministerial jobs had made some people in the Karnataka ruling party uncomfortable. It’s worth noting that both Hariprasad and Siddaramaiah come from OBC communities – Hariprasad is from Ediga, and Siddaramaiah is from Kuruba.

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