CM Kejriwal denies to give a tax break to The Kashmir Files, leaves Twitter divided

On Thursday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal suggested that The Kashmir Files be uploaded to YouTube to make it tax-free. The statement was a response to the BJP legislators’ demand to make the movie tax-free in the national capital.

So far, the movie has been given a tax break in most of the BJP ruled states, including Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Goa, Haryana, Gujarat and Uttarakhand.

Mr Kejriwal’s statements drew laughter and desk thumping from his fellow MLAs in the Delhi Assembly. He claimed that if the film was uploaded to YouTube, it would be tax-free and available to everyone for free viewing.

However, the BJP leader, BL Santosh, responded to Mr Kejriwal’s statement by pointing out that Mr Kejriwal had declared other movies tax-free. He further stated that the CM had declared movies such as “Nil Batte Sannatta” and “Sand ki Aankh” tax-free and urged the people to watch them.


Mr Kejriwal’s statements had soon left Twitter divided.



However, there were other users who supported Mr Kejriwal for his statements.


References: NDTV

Featured image source: The Financial Express

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