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Citizenship Renunciations By Indians Exceed 87,000 by Mid-Year

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A significant wave of individuals, totaling 87,026, has made the decision to relinquish their Indian citizenship during the first half of this year. This concerning trend signifies an escalating pattern that has witnessed a staggering 1.75 million people renouncing their Indian nationality since 2011. 

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Over the past two decades, there has been a considerable influx of Indian nationals venturing into the international job market. According to the statements made by the minister, a substantial portion of these individuals have made the decision to acquire foreign citizenship, citing personal convenience as their primary motivation.

The trend reflects a growing inclination among Indians to seek new opportunities and experiences beyond their home borders, underscoring the allure and benefits of global mobility in today’s interconnected world.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar Reveals What Led Him To Diplomacy

Source: NDTV

Jaishankar emphasized the value of the Indian community abroad as an asset to the nation and highlighted that the government has undertaken a transformative approach to engage with the diaspora. He said, “A successful, prosperous and influential diaspora is an advantage for India and our approach is to tap diaspora networks and utilize its reputation for national gain,” 

Based on the latest data from the Ministry of External Affairs, it is evident that a significant number of Indians are still fervently pursuing the American dream. The figures reveal that a staggering 788,284 individuals decided to relinquish their citizenship in 2021. 

Union government reveals number of Indians who gave up their citizenship in  last 3 years | DH Latest News, DH NEWS, Latest News, India, NEWS , Indian  citizenship, Indian citizens, Indian citizen

Source: East Coast Daily English

Following the United States, Australia secured the second position with 23,533 individuals opting to relinquish their Indian citizenship, making it a popular destination for Indian emigrants. Canada came in third with 21,597 Indians giving up their Indian nationality, while the United Kingdom followed closely behind with 14,637 citizens choosing a different path. Notably, a substantial number of Indians also decided to become citizens of Italy (5,986), New Zealand (2,643), Singapore (2,516), Germany (2,381), the Netherlands (2,187), Sweden (1,841), and Spain (1,595), showcasing a diverse range of countries attracting the aspirations of the Indian diaspora.

According to a UN report on international migration in 2020, an overwhelming majority of the top 20 destinations for migrants were high-income or upper-middle-income countries, highlighting the preference for economically developed regions. Among the global diaspora, Indians formed a substantial portion, with the largest concentration residing in the United States, boasting a population of over four million emigrants.

2.25 lakh people renounced Indian citizenship in 2022: MEA tells Rajya Sabha  - BusinessToday

Source: Business Today

 Following closely behind were the Gulf countries, with the United Arab Emirates hosting approximately 3.5 million Indian nationals, and Saudi Arabia accommodating around 2.5 million, signifying the significant presence of the Indian community in these Middle Eastern nations.

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