Chetan Kumar: Actor Arrested for Tweet on Hijab Row Judge’s Misogynistic Comments

Chatan Kumar, also known as Chetan Kumar Ahimsa, a Kannada actor and activist, has been detained in connection with the ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka, purportedly for his offensive tweet directed at a high court judge hearing the matter.

MN Anucheth, the Deputy Commissioner of Police of Central Division said,  “Kannada film actor and activist Chetan Ahimsa has been arrested by Bengaluru City Police. An on-its-own FIR was registered on Tuesday and under 505(2) and 504 of the IPC. Based on the tweet, the FIR was registered in Sheshadripuram Police Station,”.

The post in question is a repeat of one of his previous tweets on Justice Krishna Dixit, who was involved in a rape case. The actor’s previous tweet from June 27, 2020 stated, “This week KA (Karnataka) High Court Justice Krishna Dixit granted (granted) pre-arrest bail to rape-accused Rakesh B claiming ‘it is unbecoming of indian woman to sleep after rape; that is not way women react when they are ravished.’ What’s ‘unbecoming’ is 21st c (century) misogyny of this judiciary Dixit fossil.”

As the hearing on the hijab dispute continues, Chetan retweeted an old tweet of his, writing, “This is a tweet I wrote nearly two years ago regarding a Karnataka High Court decision. Justice Krishna Dixit made such disturbing comments in a rape case. Now this same judge is determining whether #hijabs are acceptable or not in govt schools. Does he have the clarity required?”

Chetan’s wife, Megha, did a Facebook live following Chetan’s detention on February 22nd, saying no one told the family about the arrest or the cause. She said she had filed a complaint with the Bengaluru Police Commissioner, requesting details on Chetan’s detention.

The actor has been expressing his thoughts on the continuing hijab controversy on a daily basis. The actor, who is in favour of keeping all religious symbols out of schools, believes that schools should also prohibit kumkuma, which is a Hindu religious sign mentioned in numerous Hindu books and by Shankaracharya.

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