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Bescom Imposes Rs 68K Fine On H D Kumaraswamy Over Power Theft

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In the aftermath of the power irregularities case that saw the registration of an FIR against former Chief Minister and JDS state president HD Kumaraswamy, the situation has taken an intriguing turn.

Power' politics: Miscreants stick 'Thief Kumaraswamy' posters at JDS office  after allegations of electricity theft | Karnataka News -

Source: News9live

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Amidst the unfolding controversy, Kumaraswamy finds himself at the center of a storm following allegations of drawing power illegally to illuminate his house during Deepavali. Bascom’s swift action, serving a notice and demanding a fine within seven days, has set the stage for a legal and political showdown.

Addressing the FIR, Kumaraswamy expressed regret, asserting that the power was drawn without his knowledge. He attributed the lapse to a contractor entrusted with decorating his house, clarifying that neither he nor his family members were aware of the unauthorized power connection. Kumaraswamy emphasized that immediate corrective action was taken as soon as he became aware of the situation, and the power connection was promptly removed. Despite these assurances, the former CM faces a challenging journey, both legally and politically.

BESCOM books HD Kumaraswamy, but he blames decorator after Congress alleges  'power theft' -

Source: The South First

The issue has transcended beyond a mere power irregularity case and taken a political hue, with Kumaraswamy hitting out at the Congress party for what he perceives as the politicization of the matter. Refuting allegations of power theft, he declared his readiness to face any consequences, standing firm in the face of mounting criticism. The Congress, however, escalated the rhetoric by disseminating posters on social media labeling Kumaraswamy as a “power thief,” adding another layer to the already complex narrative.

Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar weighed in on the matter, emphasizing the impropriety of those in responsible positions resorting to power theft. He clarified that the government would not intervene, leaving Bescom to take action in accordance with the law. This stance underscores the gravity of the situation, as legal proceedings appear set to unfold without political interference.

Simultaneously, the political fallout extends to the JDS Bengaluru unit, as president HM Ramesh Gowda filed a complaint with the Sriramapura police regarding posters plastered on the party office’s compound. Alleging an orchestrated attack, Gowda detailed how individuals in an auto-rickshaw raised slogans against JDS leaders, pasted posters, and reportedly attacked the security guard. The complaint also included accusations against individuals posting instigating and derogatory messages against JDS workers on social media. The police, responding to Gowda’s complaint, have registered an FIR, amplifying the legal complexities surrounding the entire episode.


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