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Bengaluru Witnesses Massive Gathering In Solidarity with Palestine


On the 16th of October, a sizeable group gathered at MG Road, Bengaluru, to exhibit their unwavering support for Palestine. The assembly, comprising approximately 1500-3000 people, was characterized by its orderly conduct, with the local authorities ensuring the event’s smooth operation. 

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Source : NewsHamster

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Amidst the demonstration, a few individuals were apprehended by the police as a precautionary measure. However, the rally concluded without any disruptive occurrences, underscoring the success of the march. It was held in the heart of Bengaluru at MG Road today and saw a significant turnout of individuals voicing their solidarity with Palestine. 

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Source: NewsHamster

Despite a large number of participants, estimated to be between 1500-3000 the gathering remained well-organized and peaceful. Local authorities played a proactive role in maintaining the event’s tranquility, facilitating a secure environment for the expression of solidarity. As a part of their security protocol, six individuals were briefly detained by the police. The authorities cited precautionary measures as the reason for the detentions, ensuring that the rally continued without any untoward incidents.

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Source: NewsHamster

One notable incident during the rally was the temporary confiscation of the Palestinian flags by the authorities. However, in a turn of events that echoed the spirit of the demonstration, the flags were eventually returned to the assembled crowd, eliciting a sense of unity and solidarity among the participants. Despite some participants chanting slogans, the overall atmosphere remained peaceful and orderly, allowing the demonstration to conclude smoothly. The march, marked by its message of support for Palestine, concluded without any disturbances, highlighting the collective success of the event and the unity of purpose among the attendees.

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Source: NewsHamster


The demonstration at MG Road, Bengaluru, on the 16th of October served as a powerful demonstration of solidarity with Palestine. With a substantial turnout and a peaceful ambiance, the event highlighted the importance of peaceful expression and unity in support of global causes. Despite minor detentions and the temporary confiscation of flags, the overall message of the rally remained intact, emphasizing the unity and determination of the participants in advocating for the cause of Palestine.


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