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Bengaluru Prodigy Wins Gold At International Math Olympiad

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In a dazzling display of mathematical brilliance, a 17-year-old prodigy from India has secured a momentous triumph on the global stage. Atul S Nadig has etched his name in the records of mathematical excellence. Achieving a coveted gold medal at the esteemed International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). 

This remarkable achievement not only showcases India’s exceptional mathematical prowess but also highlights the country’s ability to compete at the highest level of international academia. 

Bengaluru students win laurels at Maths Olympiad - The Hindu

Source: The Hindu

The event, which drew participation from an impressive 118 countries, served as a true testament to the extraordinary talent of young minds worldwide. As the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad continues to uphold its reputation as the pinnacle of mathematical competitions, this year’s edition once again proved its standing as a platform for showcasing excellence in the field of mathematics.

In the midst of an esteemed assembly of young intellects, Atul’s brilliance in the realm of mathematics radiated with unparalleled brilliance, propelling him to claim the coveted top position in the competition and filling his nation with boundless pride. Atul also shares the mathematical strategies he used in the Olympiad.  

School students win 5 medals at global math contest - The Hindu

Source: The Hindu

Strategies for Complex Mathematical Puzzles

To prepare for the competition, Atul S Nadig said that he utilized various resources, with the Art of Problem-Solving website being a primary source. Also, a website showing extensive collection of problems from competitions around the world, providing a diverse range of challenges to hone his skills. While he did refer to some books for fundamental theories, Atul firmly believes that problem-solving is the key aspect in excelling at Olympiad mathematics. The process of tackling problems not only enhances one’s mathematical prowess but also fosters creativity and the ability to devise innovative solutions.

Atul acknowledges that Olympiad problems typically demand contestants to think creatively and develop novel approaches to tackle them effectively. The process of problem-solving cultivates a strong mathematical intuition, which proves invaluable in navigating the intricacies of these challenging contests.

Bengaluru student, 17, wins gold at International Mathematical Olympiad -  India Today


Pre-Departure Camp 

 As the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) approached, Atul participated in a Pre-Departure Camp at the HBCSE campus in Mumbai. The camp provided a valuable opportunity for the entire team to collaborate, working together to solve problems and enhancing their problem-solving skills collectively.

 Additionally, the participants worked on individual problem sets during this intensive week-long camp, further refining their abilities and preparing them for the demanding competition ahead. Such dedicated preparation played a crucial role in Atul’s exceptional performance, bringing him the prestigious gold medal and elevating India’s stature on the global stage of mathematical excellence.

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