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Bengaluru Police Issue Guidelines For Paying Guest Houses | Learn More

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The Bengaluru City Police has issued comprehensive guidelines under Sections 34(d) and 70 of the Karnataka Police Act for the safety of tenants residing in Paying Guest Houses (PGs). 

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Data Collection for Safety:

For the security purpose of PG residents, owners are now required to collect essential data. This includes the details of individuals working and residing at PGs. The mandate extends to both interstate and foreign occupants, emphasizing the need for comprehensive information. Bengaluru City Police Commissioner B Dayananda stressed the significance of this data collection to enhance overall safety.

Mandatory Licensing:

The guidelines emphasize the necessity for PG owners to obtain the required trade license from the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). This step is crucial in ensuring that PG facilities operate within the legal framework and adhere to the prescribed standards.

Bengaluru cops want paying guest details uploaded on portal; pilot project  in Marathahalli | Bangalore News -

Source: The Indian Express


Visitor Log and Security Measures:

PG owners must maintain a log recording the details of all visitors, including relatives and the general public. Additionally, the installation of CCTV cameras and adherence to safety measures, specifically those addressing fire hazards as per the Karnataka Public Safety Act – 2017, is imperative. These measures are pivotal in creating a secure living environment for the residents.

Prohibition of Illegal Activities:

The guidelines explicitly prohibit any illegal activities within PG premises, such as the consumption and storage of drugs. This stringent stance aims to maintain a safe and lawful environment for all occupants.

Bengaluru police introduces stringent guidelines for PG accommodations

Source: AsiaNet Newsable

Emergency Preparedness:

Displaying phone numbers for essential services, local police stations, and other emergency services is mandatory. Furthermore, PGs must ensure the availability of first aid equipment, contributing to prompt response and assistance during emergencies.

Background Checks and Verification:

To enhance the overall security of PGs, owners are directed to conduct background checks, including police verification, for individuals hired to perform tasks such as cooking and security. Maintaining detailed records of these workers is essential to ensure a trustworthy and secure living environment.

Bengaluru: Bengaluru: Stricter rules in store for paying guests

Source: Bangalore Mirror

Reporting Foreign Nationals:

In the case of a foreign national residing in a PG, owners are obligated to provide information to the local police station using Form “C” under the Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1939. This measure adds an additional layer of scrutiny to enhance overall safety and security.

Compliance with Supreme Court Order:

PG owners are required to adhere to the Supreme Court order, limiting the use of loudspeakers between 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. This ensures that the living conditions in PGs are conducive to the well-being of all residents, promoting a peaceful coexistence.

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