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Bengaluru Police Enforce Mandatory Seat Belt Rule For Children In Cars


The Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) MN Anucheth emphasized the enforcement of mandatory seat belt regulations for children traveling in cars and other vehicles. This statement came in response to a recent incident where a motorist’s six-year-old daughter was fined for not wearing a seat belt. 

rear seat belt mandatory: India road ministry issues draft rules to make  rear seat belt alarms mandatory -

Source: The Economic Times

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The incident that brought this issue to the forefront involved motorist Wasim Pasha, who voiced his concern on Twitter about being fined despite wearing a seat belt. The police’s response to Pasha’s query revealed that the fine was issued because the ‘person sitting in front’ was not wearing a seat belt. Pasha clarified that the individual in question was his six-year-old daughter, prompting him to request a thorough explanation from the police regarding the necessity of seat belts for children.


This incident prompted widespread curiosity among netizens, leading them to inquire about the potential exemptions for children regarding the mandatory use of seat belts. However, the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, as reiterated by the police, mandates that all individuals, irrespective of their age, must fasten their seat belts while seated in cars, SUVs, or MUVs. The Act does not provide any exemption based on age.

In defense of the fine imposed on Pasha’s daughter, Joint Commissioner MN Anuchet underscored the significance of the Indian Motor Vehicle Act’s seat belt requirement for all occupants of four-wheelers. He emphasized that the Act’s regulations do not differentiate based on age, and the enforcement of these regulations is facilitated through the use of cameras installed at traffic signals.

The statistics further emphasized the significance of adhering to seat belt regulations, as between January 1 and September 30 of this year, a staggering 6,15,572 cases were registered against individuals found not wearing seat belts. Shedding light on the importance of this regulation, East Division Traffic DCP Kuldeep Kumar Jain stressed that the enforcement of seat belt usage has been made compulsory in all cars and other four-wheelers, with non-compliance resulting in fines.

Seat belt rule exempts cars built before March 1994

Source: Bengaluru Times

This emphasis on the mandatory use of seat belts for all occupants, including children, is a crucial step toward ensuring road safety and minimizing the risk of injuries during accidents. The reinforcement of this regulation serves as a reminder to all motorists to prioritize safety measures while traveling in vehicles, thus contributing to the overall well-being and security of passengers, particularly the younger ones.


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