Benedict Cumberbatch: Time for Bollywood to enter MCU

While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has already churned Rs 20 crores in pre-sales, the film wilm will go on to be a hit in the country. Popular Indian newspaper, The Indian Express on thursday reported that Benedict Cumberbatch lauded the Indian film industry saying it has some ‘incredible talent’ and how it has had a massive influence. He also suggested that a Bollywood actor should join the MCU and we should get an Indian superhero.

When asked how he percieves India — as just a location that brings in big earnings for Marvel or a prospective competition for Hollywood, the actor said, “I don’t think the two (industries) are exclusive. You know you’ve got a very avid movie-going public and that translates whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood. And I think that’s fine. There’s room for both. It’s not an either and or equation at all.”

Moreover, he lauded the Indian film industry and its actors, Benedict even suggested that it’s time an Indian superhero joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “There are incredible Indian actors, whether they are born in the UK like obviously Sir Ben Kingsley or Dev Patel, who I just had the good fortune to work with. I mean it’s obvious you have an incredibly talented and incredibly thriving cinematic culture and have done it for years. I have loved the filmmakers that have done work in the English language and you’ve had a massive influence. I think Bollywood needs to sort of be part of the MCU. Maybe have a massive dance and bring in the first Indian superhero,” he added.

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