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Alleged Casteist Remarks Lead To Atrocity Case Against Prominent Kannada Actor Upendra


A prominent figure in the Kannada film industry, actor and director Upendra, has recently found himself facing legal action as an FIR has been lodged against him under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Full Story:

The complaint alleges that Upendra used a derogatory proverb targeting the Dalit community, sparking a controversy that has garnered significant attention.


Source: TOI

Root cause of conflict:

On a Saturday, Upendra took to his Facebook and Instagram platforms for a live session, focusing on discussing his political organization and seeking input from the public regarding its future direction. While engaging with his audience, he alluded to unfavorable remarks directed at him and, in response, invoked an aged Kannada proverb related to the Holeyas, a community classified under the Scheduled Caste category. Expressing his viewpoint, he emphasized the importance of giving credence solely to constructive feedback and comments.


Source: The Hindu

The video swiftly gained widespread attention, leading to strong criticism from various Dalit organizations. In response, Upendra promptly issued an apology via his Facebook profile. He acknowledged the slip of his words during the recent live session, where he inadvertently referenced an archaic proverb.


Source: Namaste Telangana

Acknowledging the Fault and Conveying Apologies:

Acknowledging the disappointment expressed by numerous individuals, Upendra expressed remorse and conveyed his apologies to all those affected by his remarks. Additionally, he underlined his action of removing the video in question from his social media platforms. His statement, penned in Kannada, conveyed his regret and commitment to rectifying the situation.


Source: Round Table India

Response from the Youth Wing of SSD:

Nevertheless, the Samatha Sainik Dal (SSD) took a proactive stance by addressing the issue through a written communication to Madhusudhan K N, the Assistant Director of the Social Welfare Department. Subsequently, a formal complaint was lodged at the CK Achukattu police station, seeking resolute measures against the actor.

Gopal Giriyappa, the president of SSD’s youth wing, expounded that the way Upendra invoked the proverb implied a derogatory view of Holeyas, insinuating them as disruptive and inconsequential. This interpretation of the actor’s statement was deeply distressing to the community, prompting their call for decisive action.

Expressing deep distress as a Dalit community member, Giriyappa strongly criticizes Upendra’s use of the proverb, stressing its far-reaching implications. Highlighting Upendra’s significant influence and extensive support base, Giriyappa emphasizes the need for him to carefully choose his words. Speaking to some sources, Giriyappa insists on a public apology from Upendra as well.

P Krishnakant, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), conveyed that the police are currently scrutinizing the video to ascertain the exact nature of the actor’s statement, with any subsequent measures contingent on their findings.

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