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Assam To Enact Customized Uniform Civil Code With Tribal Exemption | Explained

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Assam is poised to become the third Indian state to implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), following in the footsteps of Uttarakhand and Gujarat, according to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. Sarma shared that Assam’s draft bill for the UCC will be uniquely tailored to suit the “Assam model,” with specific exemptions for tribals. 

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Chief Minister Sarma outlined Assam’s distinct approach to the UCC, asserting that the state is awaiting the implementation in Uttarakhand and Gujarat before finalizing its own version. While acknowledging the ongoing efforts to combat social challenges like child marriage and polygamy, Sarma indicated that the Assam bill would undergo specific modifications. The primary focus lies in incorporating Assam-centric innovations, ensuring that the proposed law is reflective of the state’s unique needs. Notably, the bill aims to exempt tribals from the purview of the UCC, recognizing the diversity within Assam.

Assam to become third state to implement Uniform Civil Code, an exemption  to tribals

Source: Prag News

The Uniform Civil Code entails a single legal framework applicable to all religious communities, encompassing aspects such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, and maintenance. As of now, India has a uniform criminal code for its citizens, but civil laws vary based on religious affiliations. The Uttarakhand government, in December 2023, greenlit decisions proposed by an expert panel drafting the Uniform Civil Code specific to the state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has consistently emphasized the significance of a unified legal framework, arguing against the coexistence of dual laws in the country. According to PM Modi, the Uniform Civil Code aligns seamlessly with the fundamental principles and ideals laid out in the Constitution. The push for a singular legal code is grounded in the belief that it promotes equality and unity, addressing disparities arising from diverse personal laws that exist based on religious lines.

Assam will be third state to introduce Uniform Civil Code: Himanta

Source: The Federal News

Assam’s decision to adopt the Uniform Civil Code reinforces the state’s commitment to modernize legal frameworks and address social issues prevalent within its borders. By tailoring the UCC to suit the unique needs of Assam, particularly by exempting tribals, the state aims to strike a balance between uniformity and acknowledging its diverse cultural landscape. The anticipation of introducing the bill post Uttarakhand and Gujarat’s implementation underscores Assam’s meticulous approach towards ensuring a well-thought-out and region-specific legislation.

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