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Arun Yogiraj: Sculpting Legacies From Generations To Ayodhya

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Arun Yogiraj, a distinguished Indian sculptor from Mysuru, Karnataka, has recently gained significant recognition for his exceptional work on the idol of Ram Lalla for the newly constructed Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

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Arun Yogiraj’s artistic roots trace back five generations, with his father, Yogiraj Shilpi, being the son of the illustrious B Basavanna Shilpi, known for his work in the Mysore palace. Arun’s grandfather contributed to iconic temples, including the Gayatri Temple and the Bhuvaneshwari Temple. The idol of Kaveri on the KRS dam stands as a testament to the family’s sculpting legacy.

Arun initially pursued an MBA from Mysore University and worked in the corporate sector. However, the prophecy of his grandfather, foreseeing Arun as the torchbearer of the family’s sculpting tradition, eventually led him to abandon his corporate career in 2008. Yogiraj believes that fulfilling his grandfather’s vision has brought glory to his family’s name.

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Arun’s diverse portfolio includes significant sculptures like the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose statue at India Gate and the Adi Shankaracharya statue at Shri Kedarnath Dham. His philosophy in sculpting the Ram Lalla idol was to capture the divinity of the child incarnation of God. Yogiraj was one of the three shortlisted sculptors for the Ram Mandir project, and he dedicated six months solely to its creation.

The idol of Ram Lalla was carved from the oldest rock found in South India, sourced from a quarry in Gujje Gowdana Pura, Mysore. Despite facing challenges, including a near-loss of one eye during the carving process, Arun’s dedication remained unyielding. His daily routine in Ayodhya involved rituals, pujas, and a deep connection with the spiritual ambiance, contributing to the divine essence of his creation.

Check Ram Lallas Idol Sculptor Arun Yogirajs Stunning Creations - In Pics |  News |

Source: Zee News

Arun Yogiraj’s artistic prowess has garnered widespread recognition. His sculptures, including the 30-foot statue of Subhash Chandra Bose and the 12-foot statue of Adi Shankaracharya, showcase his versatility. Awards such as the South Zone Young Artist award, the Rajyothsava award, and the Jakanachari Award underscore his contribution to the field of sculpture.

Despite facing personal challenges, including the loss of his father in 2021, Arun Yogiraj continues to carry forward the family tradition. Married to Vijetha Mohan, with a son and a daughter, Arun’s dedication to his craft has earned him a distinguished place in the field of sculpture. His elder brother, Suryaprakash, also shares the family passion for sculpting.

Arun Yogiraj craftedthe sculptureof Ram Lalla sundara Murthy

Source: Gold Andhra News

Arun Yogiraj’s recent masterpiece, the idol of Ram Lalla, holds immense cultural significance. The ‘pran pratishtha’ ceremony, attended by various religious representatives and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, marked its unveiling. Yogiraj’s ability to capture the divinity of Lord Ram in his child form has contributed to the sanctity of the newly constructed Ram Mandir and hence brought him nationwide recognition and honor. 


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