‘Ante Sundaraniki’: Nani’s Comments On Kannada Release Angers Netizens

Tollywood film star Nani recently stirred up a storm on social media for all the wrong reasons. Nani’s justification for not dubbing his recent film Ante Sundaraniki in Kannada enraged several Sandalwood fans.

The actor remarked during his comments at the Ante Sundaraniki teaser launch that the movie will not be dubbed in Kannada. Nani stated this because he feels that the Kannada audience will watch the film in Telugu because the majority of Kannada people speak Telugu as well and prefer to watch Telugu films in the Telugu language, not the dubbed version.

When these statements were reposted on Twitter, however, many Kannada speakers expressed anger, alleging that they don’t understand Telugu and that if Telugu heroes want their films to be watched, then must also dub in Kannada.

Nani, who apologised for the misunderstanding on Twitter, wrote: “All I was expressing was my gratitude for how a lot of my films or other Telugu films were appreciated by our Kannada family there even when there was no dubbing version available. A particular answer in a press meet comes with context. Social media takes the context out.”


Nani also added in the comments, “”Apologies if not conveyed properly. Proud of Kannada cinema and its success across the boundaries”. Leela Thomas stars as Nazriya and Nani portrays Sundar in their film Ante Sundaraniki, which was directed by Vivek Athreya.

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