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A Suspenseful Web Of Perspectives : Mary

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Manoj P Nadalumane is travelling an interesting lane with his second Kannada movie, ‘Mary’. The two-minute-long trailer of the thriller seems to be cut from the same cloth as Andhadun, Drishyam, and Race. The trailer, on several occasions, uses the word ‘perspective’, hammering the importance of the same in the minds of the viewers.

Manoj Nadalumane has a knack for picking subjects which are slightly unusual. He made it to the headlines right with his first film in the film industry. ‘Aana’ which released in 2022 was the Indian film industry’s first female led superhero movie. The director thought about his second project, Mary, during the lockdown.

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Team Mary from the trailer launch of the movie

With a rather low-key and mysterious tone, the trailer reveals very less of the story or any aspect of the plot. Besides the main character, other characters are not even named in the sneak peek into the movie. The trailer which begins on a comparatively slower note, with a few impressive shots by the cinematographer Vinod Bharathi, picks up the pace real quickly.

Manoj P Nadalumane - Movies, Biography, News, Age & Photos | BookMyShow

Manoj P Nadalumane. Credits – BookMyShow

The theory of ‘less is more’ is used to the best of its advantage, as the audience might be left scratching their heads after the end, and that is not a bad thing for a trailer of a movie.

The movie seems to enter a sensitive territory with its topic. Handling the issue of sexual assault has always been a matter of challenge for filmmakers across the globe. It seems that Nadalumane wants to use it in a way that is very similar to how Ajay Bahl handled the topic in his acclaimed movie Article 375.

While there is a lot of shouting, screaming, cursing, slapping, and more slapping in the movie, the movie still seems to have a creepy silence at its fulcrum to maintain the suspense, that the genre demands.

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Team ‘Mary’

As the drama, which is mostly cut at a rapid pace, unfolds on the screen Suraj Jois’ music works in a complimentary way to the plot. The pace of the trailer does not necessarily match the pace of the music, but that seems intentional.

Vikash Uthaiah, Anoosha Krishna, Ranvith, Sumanth, Vicky form the core team which worked on ‘Mary’.

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Lead Actress of Mary, Anoosha Krishna at the trailer launch

Irrespective of the content in the film, Mary’s trailer is an interesting piece, and one of the better-edited trailers of suspense movies in recent movies. The movie will be released on February 24, 2023.

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