“It Must Be Ensured That Their Hatred Is Not Responded To With Hatred”: Muslim Community Appeals To Follow The Principles Of Peace, Love, and Harmony

At a time when communalism and sectarianism are running deep in the state of Karnataka, an incident in one district has stood out for weaving the threads of communal harmony. Bengaluru-based organization Tehrik-e-Khudadaad, which is managed by the direct descendants of Tipu Sultan, gave a call on Friday to the Muslim community to carry out trade with traders of all religions.

This development has occurred at a time when the holy month of Ramazan is set to begin and calls are being given to boycott traders who are rather belonging to the Muslim community.“As the holy month of Ramadan is starting on Saturday, we appeal to all our community members to follow the principles of peace, love, and harmony,” said Dr. Khasim Saab, secretary of the association.

Also, they have said that the Ulemas (scholars) of Jamiat Ulama-I-Karnataka have appealed to the members of the community not to indulge in any discrimination while conducting business with members of other religions.
The Ulemas further said, “During Ramadan, not just Muslims, even vendors or traders belonging to other communities set up eateries and fruits stalls around mosques. Muslims who break the fast after the prayers buy fruits from those vendors without any discrimination.

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The Ulemas also explained that such kind of exclusion is also against the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. To quote him, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor is hungry.”
The quote is applicable regardless of the religion the neighbor belongs to. Also, it must be ensured that their hatred is not responded to with hatred.

This is a symbol of positivity that the state and the nation at large need as a remedy to communal hatred.

Reference: Deccan Herald

Image Sources: Navbharat Times, The Better India

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