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4 Reasons Why Joker 2 Is Going To Be MINDBLOWING!

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Released in 2019, Joker was one of the most acclaimed movies of the year. Besides earning big bucks at the box office, the movie also won several academy awards, including the likes of Best Actor male. 

The buzz around the movie and the franchise have been higher ever since a sequel was announced. Officially titled Joker: Folie a Deux, the musical will be directed by Todd Philips. 

The movie will continue with the original cast, that is Joaquin Phoenix and Zazie Beetz, along with a bunch of newcomers. The likes of Brendan Gleeson, Catherine Keener, and Lady Gaga have joined the cast of the upcoming DC movie. 

Slated to release in 2024, here are a few reasons why the movie has got all of us waiting!


Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix - Movies, Age & Brother

Joaquin Phoenix – Credits – Biography

Phoenix put forth his career-best performance in the Joker. The actor and his portrayal of the famous character was one of the major reasons why the movie was a talking point for the longest 2019 period of time. 

The Academy Award winner was spot on with a character who was impoverished and mentally ill. The nihilistic criminal flavour of the clown was the major attraction of the film. The actor lost over 23 kgs for the role. 

With a sequel to the film being on cards, all eyes will be on the actor to see what new he has got to express through the flawed joker character. 


A Musical

After the announcement of a sequel to the origin story of Joker, there were rumours regarding the movie being a musical. Although later confirmed, it has left several people thinking about how a gritty and grounded story of this sort could have people dancing and singing around. 

However, it might work in favour of the movie. Theories suggest that the movie will take place in Arkham and will be shown from the point of view of the female lead,  Harleen, played by Lady Gaga. The movie might focus on the relationship between Harleen and Arthur, the infatuation which the woman has for the man, and will also show the transformation of Harleen into Harley. All of these elements can be captured very well with music running parallel to the screenplay.


Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips on 'Joker' controversy, box office success, sequel  discussions | Features | Screen

Todd Phillips. Credits – Screen Daily

Phillips will also be coming back after 4 years with the sequel of Joker. The director has proved his versatility in dealing with different subject matters. From ‘A Road Trip’ in 2000, to ‘Joker’ he has proved his mettle in telling different stories. 

However, with Joker 2, there will be an extra responsibility of expectations on the director given the success of the first film. The movie is a musical that will only add to the challenges of the director. 


The Cast 

The movie will have an impressive ensemble. Besides Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix, the movie will also have Zazie Beetz reprising her role as Sohpie Dumond. Jacob Lofland will be seen as one of the inmates in Arkham Asylum. The movie also has Brendon Gleeson and Catherine Keener in undisclosed roles. 


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