2 Weeks In, Hijab Clad Girls Still Barred From Entering College

by Divyakshee K.

Six Muslim girl students continue to listen to the lectures by sitting outside the classrooms at Government Women’s PU College, a fortnight after the dispute over the wearing of the ‘Hijab’ in the classroom.

Since December 31, 2021, the college has marked the six students as “absent.” Their parents contacted the institution to discuss the situation, but principal Rudra Gowda refused to talk about it, according to The Hindustan Gazette.

The CFI and the Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) had asked the college administration and the district police to resolve the issue, but the students were still denied entry to the classes.

The students were threatened and compelled to write a document stating that they had not attended lessons for the previous 15 days, according to CFI state committee member Masood.

Yashpal Suvarna, Vice President of the Campus Development Committee, said that there were more than 150 women from minority groups studying at the college.

“None of them have raised any demands. These girls who are members of Campus Front of India (CFI) are keen on creating controversy. The college has its own rules, regulations and disciplinary procedures. The uniform was introduced to offer an egalitarian approach to education, as there are many poor women studying in the college,” he said. 

“They can attend classes if they are willing to follow the rules of the college. If they are not willing to follow the rules, they can find some other college to get an education,” he added.

Nasir Pasha, State General Secretary of the PFI, claimed the uproar over students wearing hijabs was unnecessarily provoked.

“Just like how Hindu students wear a bindi and Christian nuns wear a headdress, Muslim students should be allowed to wear a scarf over their head,” he said.

Students also claimed that the college forbade them from speaking in Beary or Urdu. The college administration, on the other hand, denied these charges.

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