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Assam Floods: An Alarm Bell Before Climate Catastrophe

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Extreme climate events have come to a norm for our generation.

While Central India and North India are dried off by intense heat waves (many reaching record braking temperatures), the Northeast is enduring the weight of pre-monsoon with massive floods in many regions.

Occurrences like these should be able enough to convince people of the reality and severity of climate change.

We have seen something similar happening during the Kedarnath Flash floods, Kerala Floods, Chennai Floods and Bihar floods in recent times.

Yet we blind ourselves to the consequences of human actions that have caused these distorters in the first place.

Even after all of this we only talk about solutions to climate disasters as and when they happen, we fail to understand and acknowledge the deeper problem and thus don’t come up with concrete structural changes to the system.

Every time we see people dying, or being displaced by these man-made calamities and yet we only talk about short term/Financial solutions to the problem.

Kedarnath after flood image

Effect of Kedarnath Flash Floods.
Credits:- Kedarnath Temple official site



Bihar Floods.
Credits:- Times Of India

What is happening in Assam?

Assam is going through a rough pre-monsoon.

The Brahmaputra river has burst its banks (not uncommon in this region) which has led to floods affecting 1900 villages in the vicinity.

The Floods have wreaked havoc in the region causing landslides in many places.

A symbol of this destruction has been Haflong Railway station in Assam.

The station is deemed to be one of the most beautiful stations in the country.

An image of the current situation is being circulated where we cannot see mountains or the platform the water was so powerful it swept away and derailed a whole train weighing 220 Tones!

Today too, the state has received 719 mm of rainfall making the situation worse and rescue operations more difficult.

India Floods 2 1652933545861 1652933807789

New Haflong Railway station affected because of the current floods
Credits:- Live Mint

Its effect on people.

According to recent reports, nearly 14 people have died and 32 people are missing, Nearly 90,000 people have taken shelter in 499 relief camps, while another 519 relief distribution centres are also operational.

The floods have affected six districts affecting a population of 8.29 lakh people in the last two months.

4ih993jo assam floods 625x300 18 May 22

People Being displaced because of the Assam Floods
Credits:- NDTV

This is a terrible natural disaster and unless the nation takes some concrete steps to combat climate change and bring serious resolutions to this effect we are bound to see these events happening at an even more brutal rate.

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