10 questions that you must ask the Govt amid the pandemic

Currently, the only objective of an Indian citizen is to survive this pandemic. The crisis across the world has questioned our survival. Every individual is struggling between the virus and the inefficient system. Uncountable people are losing their lives because of the disease. However, some had lost their fight against the administration. So, amid the pandemic, we must question the authorities and the whole system of governance. Answers to these questions will give us clarity about the ongoing situation.

Here are 10 questions that you must ask the Government in the midst of the pandemic;

“Central Vista Project” or the lives of millions?

The “Central Vista Project” is more important than the lives of millions? Revamping India’s central administrative area or making a new parliament cannot be the priority during a pandemic. Along with this a question also arises for the Supreme Court: how did they allow the government to go ahead with this project? That sum of money could have been used for medical resources during the pandemic.

Delay in the arrival of Foreign Vaccines

Why is our country so late to incorporate foreign vaccines which show more efficient results? To follow the procedures is predominant. But if it was started in the early stage rather than waiting for the 2nd wave of virus, the current situation would have been different.

Covid testing price in India- highest in the world

Why are the Covid testing prices in India is among the highest in the world? And, more importantly, why are we even getting charged for the test, in the first place? Adding to it, how the other countries are conducting the same tests without any charges? All this makes us think if the authorities are helping us or generating business from our needs.

Too late in taking precautionary measures

Being the central authority and examining the whole situation, couldn’t the government take precautionary measures beforehand? The least that could be done was the restrictions on traveling. Apart from China, many other countries had confirmed several Covid-19 cases in January 2020. But it took us more than 2 months to suspend the international travels after releasing the first travel advisory.

Shortage of Medical Resources amid the pandemic

 The biggest and the most crucial question during this catastrophe is regarding the shortage of medical resources. Why are the people suffering from a shortage of medical necessities? The only thing that each one of us wants amid the pandemic is the availability of necessary medical items like the PPE kits, Oxygen cylinders, required medicines, and so on. Furthermore, why the PPE manufacturers said excessive centralization and a lack of transparency in the procurement process, going so far as to accuse the government of “mal-intentions”?

Alteration of ICMR guidelines took quite some time

Why did it take so long for the ICMR guidelines to be altered? During the early stages of the pandemic, the ICMR guidelines provided no provision on testing the people even having the symptoms. This led to the delay of the testing process from the beginning.

Measures to ensure the care of Outpatients

What are the additional measures taken to ensure uninterrupted care for the people living with life-threatening conditions like cancer, tuberculosis, HIV that require continuous support? Observing their condition, it is quite obvious that these people are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 infection due to lower immunity.

Accidental insurance for healthcare workers, for just 3 months. Seriously?

The government has announced insurance of Rs. 50 lakh for each healthcare worker involved in the fight against Covid-19. As per the officials, the 50 lakh cover is for accidental loss of life. Adding to that, the finance ministry has said that the cover is only for three months. So, what happens if a health worker needs medical treatment? And, what about the life of frontline warriors after the time period of the insurance? Because there seems no end to the pandemic.

Religious mass gatherings, the reason behind the surge in cases

Why the mass gatherings were allowed when everyone is in the middle of an epidemic? The Indian calendar is surrounded by countless festivals and Indians are highly enthusiastic about them. But this time the scenario was a bit different and should have been handled strictly. For instance, the mass gathering at Kumbh Mela was highly criticized as it gave rise to the covid cases.

Saving the lives of citizens or Winning an election?

Last but not the least, one cannot forget the extended election campaigns amid the covid-19 pandemic. Most medical professionals blame the mass gatherings at election rallies behind the huge surge in the infection. The Election rallies and winning the rule were so crucial that the governments, be it state or central have purely neglected the crisis going around. When did the priority change from saving the lives of people to winning an election?

These are some of the questions that must be asked to the government amid the pandemic. Being a citizen of a democratic country, we have the right to question and we must use it appropriately. We should analyze the decisions made by the concerned authorities and the government, not to criticize them but to suggest some vital changes, if required. All this will result in the betterment of the nation and its citizens. Apart from these, there must be several questions on your mind. Write them down in the comment section and let us know your opinion too.



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