India’s first smartphone based e-voting feature developed in Telangana

Telangana on Wednesday declares that it has launched India’s first smartphone based e-voting feature. It was generally to increase the accessibility rate of voting for individuals who deal with disabilities, sickness and also sick people taken into consideration. Furthermore looking at the face of Covid-19 pandemic which has led everything into digitalisation. Telangana government declared on Wednesday that it was ready to initiate a dry run with a dummy election in the Khammam District. Registration can be done by voters on smart phones between 8th October to 18th October and the dry run will be conducted on 20th October. The initiative was directed by Telangana State Election Commission with the support of Emerging Technologies Wing of the state’s IT department in addition to the Centre for the Development of Advanced Computing, it added. The solution leverages Artificial Intelligence for a three-factor authentication of valid voter viz. Name Matching with Aadhaar, Liveness Detection of Individual, and Image Matching with EPIC Database (with up to 15~20-year-old records). Whereas Blockchain technology is used to secure the records of the data. The e-voting app is designed in a sufficient manner consisting of both English and Telugu, furthermore it has a tutorial video section to aid the citizens. The entire process is controlled by the admin using a web portal in which the data is secured by physical security token-based decryption. According to Jayesh Ranjan, principal secretary, (ITE&C department), artificial intelligence and blockchain are two of the most versatile emerging technologies that already empower many of Telangana’s GovTech projects. “We are glad to have supported Telangana State Election Commission in this initiative of building an eVoting solution for our citizens and especially those that may face challenges with physical voting with or without Covid-19 pandemic, “it added.


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