Humanity can defeat the pandemic. Here’s how people helped each other during the Global Pandemic.

One goes through a lot during his life on Earth, there are several ups and downs in everyone’s life. But last year, in 2020 the human race has collectively gone through a tough plight. India as a nation was already going through unemployment, poverty, and then we also came under the Covid crisis. Handling all of it together, was way hard for the country and for the individuals too. This pandemic made us realize that there is nothing certain in life, everything is limited even the oxygen we breathe. The virus has challenged us in ways we could never have imagined. The rapid changes converted the lives of people drastically, from having a proper job to suddenly become jobless. Hence, every individual’s life was like a roller coaster ride, where one tries to maintain a balance between physical and mental health.

After all that happened, we must remember that this phase of life or this pandemic will not go on forever. In the end, it’s just a phase, and it will pass soon, we just have to stay positive. There is so much terrifying news all over the world, but we humans know how to find positivity and make this pandemic a better place to live in.

We live with several warriors, that bring the ray of positivity within us. Not only them but other commoners like us did something extraordinary in this terrible time. Like the Karunai Ullangal trust of Chennai, a total of 11 members, has been operating free emergency rescue vehicles to take patients from one hospital to another, and to transport people who died of Covid-19. Karunai Ullangal has two vehicles with oxygen supply, two normal rescue vans, and an auto. They have done and continuing their work to help others.

Another such example can be the Margam foundation of Vijayawada started by Lakshmi Annapurna. The foundation provides nutritious food at the doorstep to rescue the Covid patient in home isolation, with no charge. Till we have such superheroes among us, we can fight any war, be it in the borders of the countries or against an infectious virus.

As the doctors and the government already instructed us that wearing a mask is the first precaution against the deadly virus. Adding to this, a Chennai couple Has created a vending machine for face masks, and they are installed in the Koyambedu bus terminus and other public places. Having a vending machine makes it easy for everyone to have at least a single mask to protect themselves.

Furthermore, the little warriors of our nation are also at work without an excuse. Looking at them, doing their best to help in whatever way possible is extremely emotional. Be it an 11-year-old donating his total savings of ₹885 to the village level task force, or a little boy writing ‘Khush Rahiye’ on the food packets of Covid Warriors.

Now we have moved from appreciating #couplegoals to respecting couples like the one who are recently known as the Ambulance Couples. This couple from Delhi dressed in a PPE suit is constantly helping Covid patients to transport them to hospitals and even helping in cremations.

For a long time, we have known police officers as our only warriors who fight for us in the borders, but this time we acknowledged the importance of Doctors during a war against infection. Keeping this in mind we must remember that every individual has a role to play for humanity. No one should take a step back; we should help the front liners in any way possible. 



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Aditi Malhotra

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