Renaming India to Bharat - How much it will cost ?

Here's the intricacies of this proposed name change, exploring its financial implications for the nation.

Renaming India to Bharat could incur an estimated cost of approximately Rs 14,000 crore

According to government reports, the renaming of Allahabad incurred a significant expense of over Rs 300 crore for the state government.

According to the estimation by renowned intellectual property lawyer Darren Olivier, renaming India to Bharat would necessitate an investment of Rs 14,304 crore.

The cost projection is derived from the average marketing expenditure of large enterprises, typically amounting to 6% of their total revenue.

Undertaking the name change initiative would pose a formidable challenge due to the country's extensive landscape, comprising 28 states, 766 districts, and more than 6.40 lakh villages.

The expenses associated with this renaming project includes a wide range of activities, all of which contribute to the overall cost borne by the country.