Spain: First EU member to provide menstrual leave


Spain will be the first Western country to provide menstrual leave’ to women who are experiencing period pain at work. Women in European countries will be able to take up to three days off work each month if they have severe period pain.

The bill is expected to be approved by the Spanish cabinet next week. While this will be the first Western country to do so, other countries around the world, such as Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Zambia, have already done so.

The amendment is part of a reform package that Spain’s cabinet is expected to approve on Tuesday. For females who require sanitary pads, schools will be compelled to give them. According to the media, Angela Rodrguez, the Secretary of State for Equality and Gender Violence, announced a package of measures to ensure menstrual health and reproductive health recovery, including providing leave to women who have an abortion.

Rodrguez told El Periodico, “The rights related to menstrual health have never been discussed, and the data is chilling.” “For economical reasons, one out of every four women is unable to purchase the feminine hygiene products she desires. As a result, we advise that they be freely distributed at educational and social facilities.”

This break is designed to help folks who have very uncomfortable periods. Dysmenorrhea is a painful condition that affects many women who menstruate. In severe circumstances, this can be crippling.

Symptoms that when an illness affects them, a temporary incapacity is allowed; therefore, the same should apply to menstruation, and a lady with a particularly painful period may be able to stay at home.”

Sanitary pads and tampons will also be exempt from VAT when sold in stores and will be distributed free of charge to women in socially excluded situations.

Furthermore, the Spanish government intends to eliminate the requirement that 16 and 17-year-olds seeking abortions obtain parental consent.

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