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International News

Adelle Fernandes| January 11, 2021| Mumbai In the middle of last week, WhatsApp users received a pop-up about a new privacy policy that must...

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International News

By: Adelle Fernandes US President Donald Trump’s armed mob of supporters stormed Capitol Hill on Thursday, January 8 (Indian Standard Time); just as Congress...

Health News

By: Adelle Fernandes In India, there have been cases of bird flu taking place since quite a while now. Cases have been reported among...

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National News

On the event of the Constitution Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asserted his support for “One Nation One Election” and a Single...

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International News

HuffPostIndia, the Indian web publication of the United States- based digital media company ‘HuffPost’ has shut down on Tuesday after its six years of...

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Born in 1888, #ChandrasekharaVenkataRaman was an accomplished Indian #physicist, who made path-breaking contributions in the field of ‘#Light scattering’. Along with his brilliant student,...

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International News

Recently, Amir Khan made news for meeting the #first #lady of #Turkey while in the country for a film shoot. This move was termed...

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National News

#Facebook has made it to the headlines and no, it is not to announce an update or acquirement. The social media giant is in...

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